All series 1 templates are fixed at £149.00 (3 pages).

Series 2 design only £200.00 plus £35 per page.

Series 3 design price on application.

Hosting plan

From £59.00 pa. Free domain name transfers.

Included in the hosting plan 100 Pop3/Imap Mailboxes, unlimited E-mail forwarders, Webmail, Junk and Spam filters, Webspace 25GB, 20Sub domains.

Domain name retention £19.00 for two years


Maintenance standard package

Update up to 3 pages per month (NB photograph and text content ONLY).

First page on Google (NB new sites may take up to 6 to 8 weeks for first page listing).

Monthly Google site map submission.

£25.00 per month

Maintenance non-standard package (for sites outside SDS preferred hosting client)

£35.00 per month on non-standard sites access must be granted to SDSWebdesign to the header code of the sites pages.

In order to maintain a first page position in Google search engine optimization must be maintained on a regular basis. First page position may be lost if not regularly maintained.