Starting to build your website

If you are a complete novice this is your starting place, for those of you who already have a domain name, hosting plan or even your own website but would like to enhance or refresh it follow this link.

Your driving school has a name which should be reflected in your domain name (a domain name is the handle or tag by which the world wide web www will know you) for example these names are unique and form part of your Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

Choosing a domain name is important try to make it short and memorable but also try to make it rellavent to your business for example says nothing about your school and is quite meaning less where as is far too long and cumbersome. Domain names can be checked here. Once you have selected a name we can help you to regester it, this is normally for a two year period renewable.

Next you need a Host this is a place where all your web files are published, both domain name and hosting service can be supplied and maintained by SDS Web Design. For further information you can contact us either by email or we can talk through on the telephone or even arrange a personal visit to discuss your requirements.